Tired of making monthly alimony payments? How much longer will you continue to make those payments? How much will you eventually spend?

Is your Ex living with someone new? Co-habitation cases are one of the most cost effective investigations you can get!

As you probably know, claiming co-habitation and proving it are two entirely different things. ‘Our standard Cohabitation investigation employs several investigative techniques to prove cohabitation and is typically completed in 30-days or less. Tinsley Investigative Services, Inc. has made this an area of emphasis and we have saved clients thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars each year.

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Is hiring a Private Investigator worth the money for your Utah Co-Habitation case?

Call our office for a FREE QUOTE on a Co-Habitation Investigation and you be the judge. Over 93% of our co-habitation cases pay for themselves in saved alimony costs alone. If you think your ex is co-habituating, give us a call and let’s put a stop to those monthly alimony payments.

Spending a little now to save a lot later makes good financial sense.

LET’S COMPARE PRICES. If your ex is cohabitating and the cost of our professional investigation is less than what you will pay in alimony, contact us today for a FREE CONSULTATION.

Let us show you how to legally and legitimately eliminate those alimony payments. These investigations literally pay for themselves.