We recognize and understand the stress and emotional strain that comes with issues like the fidelity of a spouse or significant other.

You may be at a point in your life when you need some real answers. You may need to make some important decisions.

You need proof not hearsay, answers not guesswork. We often hear it is the “not really knowing for sure” that can tear you apart.

Important Information:

Our agency has handled literally hundreds of divorce cases over the last 25 years. In an effort to put some science behind the art, we meticulously went through all of those case files and identified several behaviors that were common in nearly every case where one of the individuals was being unfaithful. The results were astounding.

Take a look at our INFIDELITY CHECKLIST to determine whether your marriage or relationship is potentially at risk. The results we provide may help you a great deal legally and emotionally. Let us help you get the proof you need.

Our research and information was recognized and published nationally. For years it has been a standard utilized by professional private investigators throughout the nation.

Now, professional Private Investigators and potential clients like you have a way to actually measure the likelihood of infidelity based on statistical facts rather than just guessing if they should or shouldn’t hire an investigator. Take a look at our research for yourself and see if there are enough red flags to warrant an investigation.

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